Sides becoming more entrenched over HS2

October 14th, 2013 Surveyor 5 comments
The only strange aspect of the growing controversy over HS2 is that it has taken so long to come to the boil. The scheme is suffering from the way it was conceived. In reality the debate that is happening now should have taken place four years ago when Lord Adonis commissioned HS2 Ltd to produce a report into the idea. That was the key error. It looked as if the ...

Are the new roads really needed?

August 1st, 2013 Surveyor 6 comments
For a long time, there has been very little published about the role of roads and the future priorities in the industry. Now, rather like buses, we have had three important documents coming out rapidly one after another, two from the Department for Transport and one from Transport for London, which will stimulate the debate for some time to come. So in quick succession, we got the Roads Task Force report ...

Time to consign yellow lines to history

June 12th, 2013 Surveyor 3 comments
  I’ve always hated yellow lines. And that’s not because they stop me from parking where I want, since I rarely drive anywhere.   No it is the aesthetics that make me angry. They are an urban excrescence. No other country uses such a visually intrusive method of controlling parking.  That is always brought home when you see a crew filming a period piece and they have to spend ages covering up the ...

Boris cycle plan: fact or fiction?

April 5th, 2013 Surveyor 3 comments
The London Mayor’s Vision for Cycling could be a landmark in UK policy on cycling even though there are numerous obstacles to its implementation. The Mayor’s plan breaks with the current British tradition of trying to squeeze in cycling facilities without taking road space either from flowing traffic or parking, and simply abandoning any provision when the going gets tough at junctions The policy too is in marked contrast with Boris ...

Innovation ignored at our peril

February 28th, 2013 Surveyor 6 comments
The 150th anniversary of the Tube, celebrated with steam engines being operated on the system for the first time in decades, demonstrated yet again the power of innovation, a theme about which I have become somewhat obsessed. The Underground system was testimony to the remarkable innovative spirit of the Victorians as the idea of digging up streets, installing a railway system and then covering them over again was truly mould ...

Britain still hesitant about innovation especially in transport

January 12th, 2013 Surveyor 7 comments
I have seen the future. Or have I? in 2012, I came across a wide variety of transport innovations and was, for the most part, pleasantly surprised. Normally, I am fairly cynical about wondrous new ideas and how they will reshape the world, and have been quick to dismiss them. However, given the pace of technological change and the number of ideas that appear workable, I am beginning to change ...

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