Here’s a list of some useful links. If you have any others to suggest – send me an email.

Andrew Lownie Literary Agency – Christian Wolmar’s literary agent

The Railway Children – a charity that helps runaway and homeless children.

Transport Times – the fortnightly transport magazine with a column by myself and many others.

Barry Doe – an excellent comprehensive website with bus timetables.

Comment Is Free – Guardian’s ‘comment is free’ blog for which I write occasionally.

Iain Dale’s Diary – excellent for political gossip from an eccentric Tory point of view. – transport information from Anthony Rae, a great source of daily news.

Rail magazine – includes a subscription form.

Roger Ford – gives his past columns from Modern Railways and much detailed informatioun on the rail industry.

Aurum – publishers of On the Wrong Line.

Warwick Graduates – my old university. – site giving directions how to walk from one part of London to another.Excellent idea. – transport site raising awareness of global warming. – comprehensive information on European rail journeys, a fantastically useful resource. – lots of inside information from the rail industry – entertaining comments about First Great Western created by a disgruntled passenger

Mike’s Railway History – very useful history site with material dating from 1935 or before

Transport Crucible – General debate on transport

Rail Magazine – the leading magazine in the rail industry published fortnightly and for which I write a column

ProjectMapping – the largest resource of schematic rail maps on the net

Paul Bigland – railway photographer, who took some of the pictures on the site. – Cheap ticket deals site

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