Driverless car myths

July 30th, 2014 Christian Says 4 comments
Driverless cars are, at last, attracting the attention that they deserve. For a long time they have been perceived as a fanciful idea that is so far in the future so as not to merit close attention. However, there is now a recognition that they are a potential game changer – but there is far more uncertainty about how they will change the game than there is about the fact ...

Moving around less

May 16th, 2012 Christian Says 17 comments
There's an interesting piece in this week's Economist, confirming that we are moving around less:  It does seem odd given there are record numbers on the rails and on the Tube, and certainly travelling around the country, one rarely sees an open clear road, but the trend downwards in car travel has now lasted much of the decade and there is no doubting statistics Yet, overall we are making fewer ...

Car culture rules in Fort William

June 28th, 2011 Christian Says 13 comments
I was at Fort William station with a couple of hours to spare on saturday after doing the 3 peaks walk and decided to wander into town. Amazingly, in such a small town, there is a pedestrian underpass - complete with busker, a rather upmarket one who was selling his own CDs and sang elegantly - between the station and the steps. This is to get under a dual carriageway ...

The hollowness of the war on the motorist exposed

June 14th, 2011 Christian Says 18 comments
There was an inadvertently hilarious piece in the Daily Mail - - yesterday on the story of Aberystwyth which, through an oversight between the county council and the police has been left with no traffic wardens. The reporter, the paper's science editor, Michael Hanlon wrote in the introduction that 'since the beginning of this month, a bureaucratic mix-up involving police and council has meant that the three ...

No replacement for internal combustion engine on horizon

The hallmark of a good design is longevity and the internal combustion engine has survived decades with only relatively minor modifications. But the threat of peak oil and increasing legislation aimed at tackling climate change is forcing the motor industry to start seriously examining alternatives to fossil fuel. The dominance of conventional petrol and diesel powered cars has made motor manufacturers reluctant to invest sufficient resources on developing attractive alternatives, which ...

Transport debate should not be about potholes

April 15th, 2010 Christian Says 4 comments
Here's an easy to win bet - I wager there will be no mention of transport policies in today's Great Election Debate, with the possible exception of, sigh, high speed rail. Any takers? So far, as ever, the election hustings have offered little of interest to transport policy geeks. Labour's one new initiative is to offer not for profit organisations the opportunity to bid for franchises. Well, I suspect that will ...

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