Tour de France does little for the cycling cause

July 8th, 2014 Times 7 comments
As Le Grand Départ turns into Le Grand Au Revoir and the Tour de France cyclists and their huge accompanying caravan return to France, the predictable self-congratulation from politicians and sporting organisations has begun. They claim that the Tour will provide a fantastic boost for cycling in the UK that will be felt for years.    Sadly ...

Cycling tragedies require a rapid response

November 17th, 2013 Christian Says 11 comments
The spate of five cyclists being killed within the past fortnight on London's streets demands an urgent respone. As I have argued in the Observer in the piece posted on this site, the Cycling Vision set out by Andrew Gilligan,Boris Johnson's cycling tsar, is full of good ideas, but it is all too slow and cumbersome. In the Observer article, I mention that change must be brought about quickly and efficiently. ...

Make London a haven for cyclists

November 17th, 2013 Observer 4 comments
London has become a cycling city – and Britain something of a cycling nation – by default. The recent surge in its popularity has been a grassroots phenomenon, prompted by overcrowded and expensive public transport, a large number of young, talented people on low wages and a wider recognition of its health and environmental benefits. As demonstrated ...

Cycling announcement is dishonest spin

August 12th, 2013 Christian Says 6 comments
To suggest that today's announcement of £148m over two years is the biggest cycling investment programme ever is both dishonest and laughable.  When I was on the board of Cycling England, we had a grant of £60m of new money which was matched by spending from local authorities. This £148m includes money from local councils and therefore is not even as much as we were getting. Even if all the money ...

My manifesto to be mayor

September 11th, 2012 Times 4 comments
London is stuck in an intellectual traffic jam. When it comes to moving  millions of people around the metropolis each day with ease and in comfort,  the Mayor has nothing to say. In this year’s drab mayoral election neither act in the “Boris and Ken show” could summon up a vision of how to adapt London to the 21st century.  Transport is one of the few powers that the Mayor has, ...

Sorry Bradley, its road safety, not helmets, that’s the issue

August 3rd, 2012 Times 22 comments
Gosh, Bradley, I hate to be on the other side of an argument with you but I have to be. You are rightly seen as a god among us mere pedallers, a supremely dedicated athlete but also the self- deprecating boy next door. We love you, but that doesn’t mean you’re always right. Bradley Wiggins is right to row back on his apparent call for helmets to be made compulsory for ...
  • And how does it help morale to lose to a fourth division side with less than a decade experience in the league?

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