Cost of new bus threatens London services

April 6th, 2014 Christian Says 9 comments
The huge extra cost to Londoners of the ‘new bus for London’ is posing a threat to bus services. The WolmarforLondon campaign has discovered that the cost has reached nearly £7m annually and is set to rise as more buses come on stream. These extra operating costs do not take account of the higher capital cost of the buses, reckoned to be around £50,000 for each bus, compared with ‘off ...

Make London a haven for cyclists

November 17th, 2013 Observer 4 comments
London has become a cycling city – and Britain something of a cycling nation – by default. The recent surge in its popularity has been a grassroots phenomenon, prompted by overcrowded and expensive public transport, a large number of young, talented people on low wages and a wider recognition of its health and environmental benefits. As demonstrated ...

Railways have cause to celebrate over investment plans and Olympics

September 1st, 2012 TSSA Journal 1 comment
There is much cause to celebrate in the rail industry. The Olympics were an amazing triumph for public transport and the rail industry in particular. They were advertised as the public transport games and that is exactly what they turned out to be. Fears about transport chaos, got up by the media, proved to be groundless (as I had predicted). There is a wider message to be drawn from this. Public ...

Transport a delight

July 31st, 2012 Times 8 comments
It must be tempting for the organisers of the London Olympics to do a Jim Callaghan: ‘Chaos, what chaos? ‘ After months of panic and speculation about transport gridlock, the streets and trains of London were functioning with only occasional normal hiccup on the first working day that coincided with the Games. Transport has quickly become the biggest non-story since Harold Camping’s warning that the world would end on May ...

Who needs cars?

June 13th, 2012 Christian Says 12 comments
The dire warnings about not using cars issued by Transport for London for the Olympic period beg a wider question. If we  are all able to dispense so easily with using cars in central London during what seems to be an ever extending period, then do we need them much anyway. Transport for London's whole transport policy in relation to road space is based on the notion that nothing must be ...

Rail 695: London rail is booming but will it continue

April 29th, 2012 Rail Magazine 1 comment
Not much unites the two main London mayoral candidates, Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson, popularly known since the election is something of a celebrity beauty contest as Ken and Boris, except their joint desire to get control of London train franchises for Transport for London. Although the precise way this could be done is difficult to work out, since there would have to be a boundary somewhere – Network SouthEast ...
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  • @PaulBigland1 @zelo_street There may be a capacity issue but HS2 is not the best or indeed only way to address it! And no environmental case

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  • @PaulBigland1 @zelo_street @Captain_Deltic Do they really?There are some key issues about the failings of the scheme that need addressing

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