Aviation heading for broke

Here’s a thought – Ryanair and Easyjet might be the only surviving major British operators if this no-fly situation continues [I know Ryanair is Irish, but they operate a lot of flights from the UK]. Surely, if we get a repeat of what happened the last time this volcano got cross when it blew its top on and off for a couple of years, the likes of BA and other conventional airlines will simply not be able to survive.

BA was already losing a fortune before flights were halted, and given the huge size of its fixed assets, it would not be able to survive a major disruption to its summer schedules. The implications of what is happening have been little discussed in the media, which is obsessed with the colour of Nick Clegg’s tie collection, but they are serious and far-reaching.

Will anyone offer me odds against the government intervening to bail out BA? Watch this space.

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