Johnson: an unsuitable candidate

I rarely find the time to do blogs but watching Boris Johnson’s performances on the media yesterday cannot go by without a comment.

He was beyond bad. Sure, one expects the usual bluster and failure to answer the question. But this was far, far worse. He could barely string a sentence, let alone a coherent thought, together and seemed completely phased by the simplest question. It was almost as if he were drunk or suffering the early stages of dementia. His attempt to suggest he makes buses out of wine crates was as credible as tigers coming to tea.

I had thought that for all his faults, at least he would show flashes of intelligence but there were none. Nor was there any wit. And as for policy initiatives, forget it. One could not imagine a person less suited to be Prime Minister. How people who I thought were decent Tories such as Andrew Mitchell and Tracy Crouch can be supporting this man to be their leader is incomprehensible. They must know deep in their hearts that he is quite simply not up to the job. How they can defend his tenure as Mayor of London which resulted in hundreds of millions of pounds being wasted on grands projets is also beyond belief. And even his most blinkered supporters dare not mention his appalling two years as Foreign Secretary. There is no need to go over his terrible record of lying, philandering, obfuscating, threatening and deceiving. He is a scoundrel and everyone knows it.

Jeremy Hunt is no great shakes and is equally bereft of policy initiatives or how to deal with Brexit, but at least he will not be an international embarrassment or a grave danger to his people. Johnson, as his cavalier attitude towards  Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe showed he is both.

I may be half Russian and half Swedish but I am British to the core and having Johnson as prime minister will be a humiliating experience. We have laughed at Americans for the past two and half years, but now the tables will be turned on us with the rest of the world joining in to wonder how on earth it came to this. I suspect few Tory members will read any of this but if any are please realise that the whole country will be grateful to you if you make the right decision.

Coincidentally, I watched the last episode of Years and Years in which grandmother Lyons lambasts her whole family, arguing that the dystopia which the country has become is everyone’s fault. Inspired, they help to create a revolt which finally exposes the populist PM who gets her comeuppance. Well, we need to ensure that Johnson gets his comeuppance before he reaches No 10. As grandmother Lyons stressed, otherwise it really is all our fault – how we can allow this national humiliation?


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