Security is clearly biggest threat to the Olympics

I’m beginning to change my mind. Given the thoroughness of the approach to transport problems, I was convinced that, apart from the odd extra wait here and there, and maybe one bad day, transport would pass off much more smoothly than expected, not least because there has been so much crying ‘wolf’.

Security, though, threatens to unwind the whole process. The problem is that security is dumb. Or at least it is run by people who are dumb. Actually, that’s unfair – they are merely under orders and have no authority to compromise or to risk assess. So if you get a family of four who are more Home Counties than Kate Middleton, you still rip off the baby’s nappy to see if it is hiding an IED. That’s because there is no one around to say – look we’re a bit pushed here, give the obvious ones a miss.

So given that we now know that most of the security staff will be squaddies, who are hardly likely to understand the subtleties of risk assessment given that many will have just been in an environment even more dangerous than the back streets of Newham. Security wrecked the Millenium Dopme launch on New Year’s Eve 1999 and it threatens a repeat.


  • Anthony Cartmell

    Particularly odd, is the closure of a safe cycle and pedestrian route that was previously promoted as a way to get to the games by non-motorised transport:

    I sincerely hope that no cyclist forced onto the less-than-safe diversion is killed. I wonder why cyclists and pedestrians are considered to be a serious threat here? Security theatre gone mad? Of course the “terrorists” haven’t won in any degree, we’re just carrying on as normal in our un-terrified way (NOT).

    I thought the Olympics was a sporting event, and thus not a big security worry. It seems, in fact, to be a massive corporate-sponsored advertising festival, and thus, I can see, perhaps more of a potential target:

  • Fledermaus

    Yes, the closure of the Lea Canal; towpath (& restriction on boats) is insane, when there are slow trains (Overgound & DLR) running right through the site.
    I assume that putting armed guards on every DLR & OvergrounD train through the zone is impractical ….
    What is even worse is the level of resentment and actual hate for the whole thing in the area (like anywhere within a 15km radius) the disruption, the unbelievable incomptetence, the obviously completely insane “suggested routes” etc (ad nauseam as Private Eye would say).
    The roll-right-over-your face guvmint assumption that sport is a good thing and everyone loves Big Brother (oops, olympics) has backfired,
    There is no means, whatsoever, to make a peaceful protest against this – look at what happened to the people who tried to stop the illegal siezure of Leyton Marsh.   Or the squashing of allotment holders by Coe & hs corrupt fascist friends (Fascist is true, look up Samaranch, who was IOC chairman when we “won” the games…)
    Eeeeuuwwww …..

  • RapidAssistant

    Slightly off-topic, but what about the damage to London’s economy caused by tourists and regular visitors staying away from the city over the July-August period purely because of the Olympics and all the added security shenanigans – wonder if that’s been factored into the Olympic Games’ costs!  Personally I made it a decision earlier in the year that London would be out of bounds until the autumn….I’m sure there a plenty with similar feelings.

  • Andrewbosi

    I am told they expect 300 buses to leave West Ham in one hour – but the security people have moved next door and like to park their cars on the access road. 

  • MikeB

    Due to the prospect of overcrowding on the Underground and coming up against over-the-top security, there are many people from the North West who are definitely steering clear of London during the period of the Olympics – myself included.