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  • November newsletter – Covid crisis – and book offers

    The second lockdown has just started and I see little way out of this crisis for the transport industry. As I write, there are hopes of a vaccine but I remain rather sceptical about this for two reasons. First, I suspect delivering the millions of required new doses will take far longer than suggested and there will be remaining doubts about its safety. Secondly, will even widespread vaccination give...

  • Spectator review of Cathedrals of Steam

    By Julian Glover I began this book waiting for a diesel train to Derby, under the windy, boxy, flat-roofed bit which one of Sir Norman Foster’s team added to the back end of St Pancras station. At around 7 p.m. on a weekday only a dozen or so people were travelling. In the arcade below — built by the proud Midland Railway, as Christian Wolmar reminds us, to the...

  • How to address opposition to low traffic neighbourhoods

    It has become the biggest transport controversy of the century. Not rail nationalisation, not the £27bn roads programme, not even the £100bn on HS2, but the humble ‘low traffic neighbourhood’. Or LTNs, as they are known in the jargon that was previously only used by highway engineers and cycle campaigners. The fundamental idea is simple. By cutting off through traffic in minor residential roads, local residents will enjoy a...


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Christian Wolmar is an award winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport and is the author of a series of books on railway history. He was Labour's candidate for the 2016 Richmond Park & North Kingston by-election and also ran to be Labour's candidate in the last London mayoral election. Read more >>

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I think @RupaHuq misunderstands the nature of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods - they are about creating a safer and less polluted environment for residents which as it happens may encourage cycling. It is nothing to do with the so-called Lycra brigade, whoever they are. twitter.com/jdevivenot/sta…

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