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  • Letter to The Guardian: When I played at Wentworth golf course

    Wentworth golf club was not always that posh (The rich vs the very, very rich: the Wentworth golf club rebellion, 2 March). When I was a child it was my playground, as I was dragged there every weekend by my golf-playing parents, who paid a mere £100 or so a year to play. I was left to my own devices to wander round the huge estate, climbing in the...

  • February 2021 newsletter

    Oddly, in this short newsletter, I am going to promote someone else’s book. This is because I think Peter Walker’s The Miracle Pill should be on the desk of every politician, medical practitioner and teacher.  The pill, of course, is not a little capsule of chemicals but rather something rather different: exercise. In fact, Walker’s concise manifesto to make the nation healthier, longer–lived and, as a by product, wealthier,...

  • Treasury needs lesson in GCSE economics

    Every year, rail fares go up and every year, the proposed increase in fuel duty is shelved. This year was expected to be different: the railways have taken a battering with the biggest collapse in passenger numbers since the first train trundled along the Liverpool & Manchester Railway in 1830. Today, passenger numbers are less than a quarter of 2019 levels. In contrast, the roads have clogged up with...

  • Rail 924: The robots are not coming that fast

    In the midst of all the chaos and uncertainty on the railways caused by the pandemic, it is surprising that considerable sums of money and much time and energy are being devoted to the concept of driverlessness. The idea that you can get rid of drivers is a regular theme of speeches at fringe meetings at Conservative party conference and in the output of like-minded think tanks.  Ministers tend...

  • Rail 923: In a logical world, peak fares would be abolished but….

    One clear result of the Covid crisis is that we have to recognise that moving around more is not necessarily a good thing. We may have cheered every time rail passenger numbers went up but there was always a downside. The growth in passengers led to pressure on the network and constant demands for more investment, much of which was needed only at peak times. So working out what...


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Christian Wolmar is an award winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport and is the author of a series of books on railway history. He was Labour's candidate for the 2016 Richmond Park & North Kingston by-election and also ran to be Labour's candidate in the last London mayoral election. Read more >>

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