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  • September 2021 newsletter: a (sort of) return to normal

    Life is returning to around 50 per cent normal, so this newsletter is focussing on various events I am speaking at and on what I am writing. It is indeed going to be a busy month, which is welcome and most will be live or hybrid – hopefully not many more talking to my computer though there  will be a few! First, I will be speaking at the Families...

  • August newsletter: The driverless car conundrum solved

    I have finally resolved a conundrum that has been bugging me for several years. Despite writing numerous articles and two editions of a book on driverless cars, as well as taking part in several debates on the subject, I could not understand what had stimulated the project in the first place and, in particular, why so much money had been invested in the notion despite seeing absolutely no return...

  • Rail 936: Louth, a gem hidden from the railway

    I know I really ought to write about all the very important things going on in the railway. There’s no shortage of them:  they range from the decarbonisation policy and the damning report of the Public Accounts Committee the lack of progress over restructuring to the debate on mask wearing and the absence of the much needed marketing campaign to get people back on rail. But no, this is...

  • Letter to the Financial Times: No such thing as a half driverless car

    Patrick Magee (Has big tech backfired on robotaxis?, July 20) has missed the key point about relying on driver aids to be developed through to full driverlessness. The problem is that the lengthy intermediate stage creates unacceptable risk. As drivers become more reliant on aids, they become deskilled and, worse, begin not to pay attention to road conditions and hazards. There is no such thing as a semi-driverless car!...

  • Rail 935: Can Network Rail be tamed?

    The story of the next couple of years in the rail industry will be how to tame the elephant in the room. The Rail Live event last month was my first opportunity for more than a year for conversations (otherwise known as gossip) with many of my friends in the rail industry and there was a clear theme to what was uppermost in their minds following the announcement of...


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Christian Wolmar is an award winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport and is the author of a series of books on railway history. He was Labour's candidate for the 2016 Richmond Park & North Kingston by-election and also ran to be Labour's candidate in the last London mayoral election. Read more >>

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