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  • Rail 939: Crossrail’s long journey is almost over

    It’s gone quiet on Crossrail recently, and they like it like that. No news is good news because the past three years have not been kind to the project. As I am updating my book on the project to coincide with the opening, I have been on a couple of visits recently and spent a lot of time talking to the project’s managers who are quietly optimistic that their...

  • September 2021 newsletter: a (sort of) return to normal

    Life is returning to around 50 per cent normal, so this newsletter is focussing on various events I am speaking at and on what I am writing. It is indeed going to be a busy month, which is welcome and most will be live or hybrid – hopefully not many more talking to my computer though there  will be a few! First, I will be speaking at the Families...

  • Rail 938: The unanswered questions over the Croydon tram disaster

    For more than a century and a half, rail safety has improved thanks to learning from the causes of past accidents and, particularly, serious disasters. However, the ‘accidental death’ verdict of the jury in the recent inquest into the Croydon tram accident in November 2016 is the latest episode in a saga that seems set to prevent the real story of this eminently preventable disaster ever being exposed. The...

  • August newsletter: The driverless car conundrum solved

    I have finally resolved a conundrum that has been bugging me for several years. Despite writing numerous articles and two editions of a book on driverless cars, as well as taking part in several debates on the subject, I could not understand what had stimulated the project in the first place and, in particular, why so much money had been invested in the notion despite seeing absolutely no return...

  • Rail 937: New station, old timetable

    There seems to be a bit of a pattern to my summer writings in my attempt to keep away from the big issues such as Great British Railways and recovery plans that I know will dominate the year ahead. In my last column, I wrote about a town, Louth, which had sadly lost its railway in the Beeching cuts and was therefore failing to attract the number of tourists...


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