Spare us from Boris

London could be about to endure the embarrassing and possibly tragic fate of electing its own version of the Hartlepool monkey as mayor. Boris may be a bit of a laugh and quite a nice chap really, but behind the buffonery there is a right wing mindset that will do untold damage to the capital.
First, just imagine what it would have been to have had Boris as mayor when the 7/7 terrorist outrage occurred. The trouble with Boris is that he just does not do ‘serious’ and when he tries it just comes out as unconvincing. You cannot play the clown all your life and then turn on a completely different mode.
Secondly, though, in terms of transport, Boris will try to effect a reactionary reversal to Ken’s all too timid attempts to constrain the private car. At least, though, Ken was trying through the congestion charge, the possible implementation of a 20 mph limit, getting rid of some gyratory systems, creating more bus lanes and so on. Boris may like cycling but he will not be prepared to implement the car-constraint measures that are the only way to really boost two wheel non-motorised travel.
There is, too, a good cynical reason to vote for Ken. There is no doubt that the generous deals on transport and refinancing of the PPP which he has obtained will be threatened should he lose the election. Gordon Brown will have no hesitation on putting the squeeze on a Tory mayor, especially as he will be very high profile and seen as a dress rehearsal for a Cameron victory.
So much as you may dislike Ken and his shenanigans, if you live in London put Livinsgstone as at least one of your two preferences. You know it makes sense.

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