Toilet tales attract more attention than trains

I might have to consider giving up writing about trains. I penned a piece for the Guardian about the fact that I have given up using toilet roll. Nothing to do with transport, I confess, but there is a clear environmental message. You can read the article here.

The response was amazing. Over 350 comments, many positive, some hilarious – you can catch up with those on the Guardian’s website. But clearly I have missed an opportunity here and chosen the wrong career path. My blogs on trains never attract more than half that number and I suppose it is pretty obvious that while only a proportion of the population uses the railways, virtually everyone has a dump most days.

There is, though, a serious issue, too. As I put in the piece, if everyone in the world used toilet paper in the profligate way we do in the west, there simply would not be any trees left. I am happy for the debate to continue here, of course.

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