Eurostar report to reveal all – or not?

The independent report on the Eurostar pre xmas breakdown is being released on friday with a press conference – itself a rarity these days in the rail industry – and hopefully a full exposition of what exactly went wrong. Chris Garnett, one of the two independent authors of the report, has promised that all aspects of the fiasco will be examined but one suspects that he is too much of a nice bloke to be hardhitting enough.  Garnett is one of life’s gents and he is certainly no one’s poodle but can he bare his teeth like a Rottweiler, which is what is needed in this instance.

Will, he for example, dare to criticise the Eurostar management in general and Richard Brown in particular if, as it appears, they have erred? And will  he be prepared to question Eurotunnel’s performance, given their hostile approach to the inquiry as revealed in their Christmas press release. Or will he pull  his punches.

It is commendable that the report has been produced so quickly and that it is being done independently. So let’s hope my instinct is wrong and we get the Garnett growl.

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