McNulty taken through the grinder

I blogged about the McNulty report yesterday for TSSA – – and will be writing about it in my next Rail column. I am also about to put the Times piece I wrote on this website which will be found in the R-Z section (which reminds me of the old London phone directories, although the blue one was S-Z wasn’t it?)

Just a couple of additional thoughts, though. It is very clear that the report has been through the civil service grinder, which has taken out any radical edge or, indeed, clear conclusions. Remember the earlier bits about how the railway was unaffordable with the dark hint of closures. All gone

Even the much publicised section on the labour force is muddled, stressing on the one hand that a casualised labour force would not be a good idea but on the other arguing that there are too many staff and that they are overpaid.

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