Stand off and deliver? Not likely

Oh to be a fly on the wall at the meetings of the Rail Delivery Group, the body that is supposed to be co-ordinating efforts to bring about the savings required in the McNulty report. The chair, of course, is one Tim O’Toole, the boss of FirstGroup, who has, to say the least, been rather vociferous and forceful about his company’s efforts to finalise the contract on the West Coast. But then, who else attends the meetings – no less than one Martin Griffiths, the boss of Stagecoach, who popped up at the Transport Select Committee next to the Bearded One and his other chums. Minutes later, we had O’Toole basically dissing (that’s how they talk these days) what Griffiths et al had just said.

So it must have been fun over the tea and buns at the Rail Delivery Group which, as pointed out by the Fact Compiler (prop: Railway Eye)¬†¬†actually met on the same day. One minute they are all pals, the next minute they are at each other’s throats. So, what chances of the Rail Delivery Group, euh, delivering?

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