Letter to The Times: Crossrail does not take away money from the North

 Your leading article (“Digging Deep”, May 5) rightly celebrates the opening of what is a truly world-class railway. It took courage and vision by various politicians of both major parties to see through such a controversial and expensive project but unfortunately there is no hope for a follow-up. The cross-party consensus that what was good for London was beneficial for the whole of the UK as a whole no longer prevails. Instead, wrongly, support for the capital is now seen as taking resources away from the north.

As a result Crossrail 2, which would go through central London from Tottenham to Wimbledon, has been mothballed with no date for when work will start on it. Hopefully as people start travelling on the new line and discover what modern public transport is like, they will press for this short-sighted policy to be reversed.

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