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  • How Twitter distorts messages

    I caused a right old Twitterstorm last weekend by tweeting that as a healthy 70 year old who can run a 5k Parkrun in under 29 minutes, I should not be told not to go out for 4 months. A blanket ban on any over 70 going out seemed, at the time, what the government was envisaging. In quotes in the Daily Telegraph and an interview on Marr, Matt...

  • Rail 899: HS2 arguments are fundamentally dishonest

    One day there will be a superb book to be written about the shenanigans over the decision whether to build HS2 or not. Ever weekend there were predictions that this would at last be the week when puffs of white smoke would emerge from the roof of Downing Street to announce the fate of the controversial project. But no, instead we got endless partial leaks of what was in...

  • My March newsletter: the mystery of the driverless car Ponzi scheme – and is it ‘termini’?

    A quick newsletter as I am deeply buried in my latest book, Cathedrals of Steam, which is the story of London’s terminus stations. I hate using termini as I think that it a Johnsonian (Boris that is) pretence but perhaps any Latin scholars amongst you will put me right – or not.  I am kind of halfway through the book, unable to remember the beginning or quite see the...

  • Rail 898: Beeching cuts are not going to be reversed

    This is one of those rare times when the fact that this column has to be written nearly a week before anyone can read it is causing me enormous difficulties. I hate to make predictions about the near future when they can so obviously be totally wrong almost by the time the ink is dry but for once I will take the risk rather than write about some timeless...

  • Rail 897: My love affair with Crossrail

    Here is the news: Crossrail is happening. Yes, of course it is late and the most recent announcement, which has kicked the opening date further forward to the autumn of 2021 is a disappointment. The cost is now expected to be £18.5bn, nearly £3bn more than the budget fixed by George Osborne (remember him) nearly a decade ago. And keeping with the negatives, it still strikes me as incomprehensible...


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Christian Wolmar is an award winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport and is the author of a series of books on railway history. He was Labour's candidate for the 2016 Richmond Park & North Kingston by-election and also ran to be Labour's candidate in the last London mayoral election. Read more >>

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