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  • My March newsletter: the mystery of the driverless car Ponzi scheme – and is it ‘termini’?

    A quick newsletter as I am deeply buried in my latest book, Cathedrals of Steam, which is the story of London’s terminus stations. I hate using termini as I think that it a Johnsonian (Boris that is) pretence but perhaps any Latin scholars amongst you will put me right – or not.  I am kind of halfway through the book, unable to remember the beginning or quite see the...

  • Letter to The Times: HS2 is the wrong scheme

    I detect that, like me and indeed Boris Johnson, Danny Finkelstein instinctively wants to support HS2, but once he looked at the project in detail realised it is a deeply flawed scheme. Unlike other projects he mentions such as the Channel Tunnel and the Victoria Line, HS2 has no USP. People can already travel by train between London and the cities of the Midlands and North quickly and in...

  • Johnson’s HS2 bind

    December’s election result was both good and bad news for HS2. Boris Johnson is facing a dilemma over the project, and his difficulties have been exacerbated by the fact that his victory was based on a surge in support for the Tories in the Labour heartlands of the Midlands and north. One of the first things Johnson did on taking office in July last year was to commission a...

  • Rail 896: A decade that was not all progress

    The start of a new year, decade even, is obviously a time to both reflect on the past and to look to the future. The latter is more fun and interesting, but first just a few words on the past. Looking back at the column I wrote a decade ago as the last of the noughties is instructive. In Rail 634 (you can find it on my website), I...

  • The new battle of Jericho

    (pic by permission, Andy Ffrench, Oxford Mail) Here’s a prediction for my second blog of the decade: the twenties are going to see a series of battles across the country over increasing restraints put on cars. With concerns about climate change and, probably more importantly for local disputes, air pollution, the notion that cars should be allowed unrestrained access to urban centres and rat runs through residential streets will...


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