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  • Richmond Blog #10: Rents rise is Tories’ fault

    Last night on the doorstep, I had a fascinating conversation with a woman who complained that when she had a job in central London, she was left with little more than someone on benefits after paying for childcare, travel, work clothes and so on. This was despite a good wage of £34,000 per year. She had a point. The complexities and contradictions of the benefits system have been used...

  • Richmond Blog #9: Labour’s solid base in Richmond

    It was wonderful to see dozens of people come out to canvass at the weekend, enabling us to cover swathes of the constituency which we had not yet visited. People are often genuinely pleased to see a Labour presence – we get a steady stream of visitors to our office in Sheen Lane saying that it is great to have us here – in an area where traditionally there has...

  • Richmond blog #8: Labour should revive ‘Big Society’

    I did the Richmond Parkrun 5k this morning in the glorious autumn sunshine and was joined by Ruth Cadbury MP. Parkrun is the kind of community activity that has been made possible by a combination of new technology and volunteers. It is precisely the sort of event that could have been part of the Big Society which for a while was David Cameron’s mission statement. But like so many...

  • Richmond blog #7: Housing crisis is result of Tory policies

    Suddenly, housing is going up the political agenda. Last night, the BBC news reported on homelessness and how even middle class professionals, such as nurses and teachers, were finding themselves without anywhere to live. Earlier this week, it was reported in the Evening Standard – oddly enough in the property pages aimed at those who can afford to buy – that Richmond council is facing a crisis because so...

  • Richmond Blog #6: Cycling ignored by LibDems and Conservatives

    I have cycled more than 100 miles around the constituency in the past 10 days and I have got a good idea of the facilities for cyclists. And they are not impressive. The best experience has been cycling through Richmond Park in the morning watching the deer munch the grass and display their impressive antlers. There are, too, a few sections where cycle paths are painted into the road...


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