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  • Rail 757: industry catching up with technology at last

    There is something rather troubling about standing at a platform and seeing a train indicator suggest a conflicting movement. For example, recently at Cheltenham, the indicator suggested that a late running Swindon service was going to arrive at the same platform simultaneously with a Cross Country service. Now I have enough knowledge to realise that this was not going to happen but it is perhaps unnerving for some passengers...

  • New trains now, not HS3 in the vague future

    It will take more than the promise of a few faster trains in some distant decade to satisfy my friends in the North. They have put up with sub-standard trains for decades and only last month were hit by a series of stealth fare rises inflicted only on the Northern rail franchise which covers most train services in the region. Rail passengers in the North have been complaining about...

  • Rail 756: No justification for rail fare rises

    Mystic Wolmar is normally dormant at this time of the year but here is a surefire prediction: the rail fares will not go up by RPI +1 per cent in January next year. That’s because rail fare rises, as I mentioned in my article on the subject in the Evening Standard, are now as toxic for ministers as fuel tax increases. The public has, largely, cottoned on to the...

  • Cycling Crossrail must be supported, warts and all

    It is, according to sources in Transport for London, an out and out war. The battleground is the plan for Crossrail for cycles announced by Boris Johnson recently which involves two clear mostly segregated routes for cyclists, one N –S, the other, longer, that is E –W. Already, the forces of darkness are massing on the hilltops to launch an all out assault. They must be stopped. Broadly, one...

  • Trains not necessarily as environmentally friendly as railways claim

    Transport is the most visible consumer of energy apart from heating. From planes soaring into the sky and heavy trains thundering along the rails at 125mph to the Smart cars and mopeds pootling around our city streets, every mode of transport (apart from cycling and walking) is a major consumer of energy. Transport accounts for around a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. The good news is that overall consumption...

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