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  • The end of neo-liberalism?

    The expression ‘historic moment’ is overused, but there is little doubt that we are living through one. It is always risky to predict the future, particularly given the number of recent surprises in both the political and sporting realms, but it seems highly likely that the summer of 2017 will go down as a key point in history, to go along with such events as the financial crisis of...

  • Labour must adopt a green agenda to keep young voters

    here is no doubt that it was the young people which made a difference and nearly won it for Labour. I noticed while telling for an hour in the morning that many twentysomethings were voting and their poll numbers had that tell tale mark which meant they had registered recently. I was mocked when I tweeted this out as it was in Islington but clearly this was a national...

  • What is Parkrun?

    Just occasionally new technology blends in perfectly with community spirit to create a great new concept.  That’s how Parkrun was born. It is, basically, a run in the park, but with a difference. It is a 5k race – though the organisers hate you calling it that – which happens at nearly 450 locations at 9am on Saturday mornings. I have a confession. I am a Parkrun addict. I...

  • We need a new economics for government spending

    The Labour manifesto has been widely acknowledged as having plenty of good ideas and even many many people who do not necessarily vote for the party have expressed support for it. That’s because it contains plans to put more money into services used widely such as education, health and housing. The plans have been costed but clearly not to the satisfaction of the right-wing press and commentators who would,...

  • The ‘fully costed’ con

      The first question asked of any politician offering a policy initiative is ‘How much will it cost?’, followed by, ‘Where will the money come from?’. Far more attention is often given to the financial aspects than the implications of the policy itself. Labour politicians are particularly up against it in this respect. Labour is presented by its enemies as the spendthrift party with, it seems, a secret aim...


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Christian Wolmar is an award winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport and is the author of a series of books on railway history. In the autumn of 2012, he announced he is seeking the Labour candidacy for the 2016 London mayoral election. Read more >>.


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