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  • Uber decision ducks the real issues

      The non-renewal of Uber’s licence is the first step in what is bound to be a long legal battle and has come as something of a surprise. Transport for London has long been accused of being supine in relation to Uber, ignoring its numerous contraventions of the regulations and complaining that its hands were tied. However, Uber sloppiness and light touch oversight of its drivers has now proved...

  • The garden bridge: another Boris blunder

    The Garden Bridge project is dead. At last. Its death has rather been like watching a great ship sink ever so slowly beneath the waves. In truth, its demise has been inevitable ever since Sadiq Khan became mayor and, in particular, asked Margaret Hodge to produce a report on the state of the project which turned out to be so damning. It was, in truth, neither a garden nor a...

  • Why Brexit rebels should think twice before siding with Tories

    So the not so great repeal bill got through the Commons with a majority of 36. It is disappointing that there were a few Labour rebels but in truth, as an editorial in the Evening Standard (ed: Geo Osborne) surprisingly recognised, the party is united behind the need to ensure there is the least possible damaging Brexit. Osborne wrote, before the vote, that the small number of rebels showed...

  • Cycling should play key role in Labour manifesto

    One of areas where the Labour manifesto needs improvement is transport. It is rarely a frontline area at election time, and although the nationalisation of the railways proved a popular pledge, there was little on how Labour could make a decisive shift towards a more environmentally friendly policy that would also improve people’s journey experience. Cycling received barely a mention, and among Labour activists it is often thought that...

  • Rail 833: Better management, not privatisation, will solve Network Rail’s travails

    Ever since the creation of Railtrack, Network Rail’s predecessor, there have been calls for the rail industry to seek new forms of funding for projects. In the days of the Strategic Rail Authority in the late nineties, there was an attempt to establish Special Purpose Vehicles, essentially joint ventures between various companies and Railtrack to produce enhancements but the idea foundered on insurance issues, lack of enthusiasm from Railtrack...


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And now off to Brighton, which will be very different from depressing Liverpool last year-but the Tories still rule,tho no longer in control


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