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  • Rail 837: Rail’s dirty secret

    When I was campaigning to be the Labour candidate for London mayor a couple of years ago, one issue kept being raised at meetings where I was speaking. That was pollution and, in particular, clean air. It is an issue that is leaping up the political agenda as more and more people are concerned about it. I was particularly critical of the air quality in Oxford Street, Britain’s premier...

  • Review: Britain’s best 100 railway stations by Simon Jenkins

    Stations, according to Simon Jenkins, are the forgotten part of the railway experience. People love the trains, the journey, the passing countryside, the leisurely pace and the locomotives, especially steam ones. The stations, however, have been rather ignored. Sure, the ubiquity of Prêt, Upper Crust and all those coffee chains on station concourses has made the experience somewhat tawdry at times but even the worst is better than an...

  • Uber decision ducks the real issues

      The non-renewal of Uber’s licence is the first step in what is bound to be a long legal battle and has come as something of a surprise. Transport for London has long been accused of being supine in relation to Uber, ignoring its numerous contraventions of the regulations and complaining that its hands were tied. However, Uber sloppiness and light touch oversight of its drivers has now proved...

  • Rail 836: Network Rail’s private obsession is the wrong track

    It is sometimes difficult to understand what Network Rail is playing at. The organisation is beset with both short and long terms problems. In the short term, it is unable to deliver the efficiencies which have been demanded of it by the Office for Road and Rail. In the long term, there are serious concerns throughout the industry that there will simply be no significant enhancements for the railways...

  • The garden bridge: another Boris blunder

    The Garden Bridge project is dead. At last. Its death has rather been like watching a great ship sink ever so slowly beneath the waves. In truth, its demise has been inevitable ever since Sadiq Khan became mayor and, in particular, asked Margaret Hodge to produce a report on the state of the project which turned out to be so damning. It was, in truth, neither a garden nor a...


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OK, I made a mishtake - I meant 2021 not 2012 - the challenge remains, does any supporter of driverless car technology seriously think it could be introduced to be used universally on London roads by 2021?

About 15 hours ago

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Christian Wolmar is an award winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport and is the author of a series of books on railway history. In the autumn of 2012, he announced he is seeking the Labour candidacy for the 2016 London mayoral election. Read more >>.


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