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  • Rail 770: it’s all words at election time

    Don’t ya just love politics? It is especially fun at election time, as a couple of examples I will outline in this column show. Indeed, sometimes the self-interest of the politicians is so naked that it is a wonder they don’t appear starkers on TV. Take the announcement that, at last, there is a firm commitment to replace the much hated Pacers. Well, not announcement really but the information...

  • Book review: The English Railway Station

    The English Railway Station Steve Parissien English Heritage £25   Railway books tend to fall into two categories: those that provide too much extraneous detail (as in: ‘The first sod of the Dorset Central was cut at Blandford by Lady Smith of the Down House…the expenses of the ceremony amounted to £224 13s 2d including £71 for wine…’;  and at the other extreme, those aimed at the presents-for-my-trainspotter-uncle type,...

  • Rail 769: diversity is weak point in rail industry

    I’ve got a confession to make. In the 500 or so columns I have written for Rail, I have not ever addressed the question of equality and I am rather embarrassed by that failure. This was brought home to me when Railfuture organised a very well attended meeting in November that featured only women as the principal speakers. It was noticeable that the organisers had no difficulty persuading the...

  • Road death toll prompts need for Vision Zero

    There have already been 29 deaths on London’s roads in the first eight weeks of the year, compared with 10 in the same period last year. This terrible toll highlights the need for a ‘Vision Zero’ policy on road safety, an idea I have been proposing as part of my mayoral campaign. While there is no overall pattern to this threefold increase, the four cycling deaths were all caused by left turning lorries,...

  • Ski safari delights

    It’s at dawn when I most appreciate this ski safari in the Dolomites. First, there is the pink sunrise through the mountains, often highlighting the woolly cloud nestling in the valleys below. Then there is the treat of the first run of the day. We’re staying in high mountain Rifugi, or refuges, skiing from one to the other with a small rucksack containing a few clean clothes and necessities,...

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Christian Wolmar is an award winning writer and broadcaster specialising in transport and is the author of a series of books on railway history. In the autumn of 2012, he announced he is seeking the Labour candidacy for the 2016 London mayoral election. Read more >>.


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